Operating Rules

Apartments HORALKA, Podtatranského 42, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš

Private accommodation - facility

           Operating Rules

Operator:  Ľubica Socháňová                                  Operator:  Jaroslav Socháň

Seat: Medze 511/49, 031 05 Lipt. Mikuláš                 Seat: Medze 511/49, 031 05 Lipt. Mikuláš

Identification number: 50473166                                Identificarion number: 41327985

Telephone: +421 903 263672                                     Telephone: +421 903 190266

Email: apartmentshoralka@gmail.com                       Email: info@horalka-liptov.sk

Type and method of providing accommodation services:

The purpose of the facility is to provide accommodation in the tourist industry. The house is a separate house. The capacity of the accommodation is 10 beds + 2 extra beds. The assumed way of using the building is to provide accommodation in weekly cycles with guests alternating on Saturday (departure before 10,00am and arrival after 4.00pm). The facility provides accommodation in two self-contained areas (ground and floor). Each room has a separate sanitary facility (shower, toilet, washbasin), kitchen and bedroom. On the floor there is also a social room. The ventilation of rooms and sanitary facilities is natural. They are at the building 2 parking places for cars with a closing gate, sitting shelter with grill, swing and sandpit for children. The accommodation unit is in bedded rooms with a bedside table, chairs or chairs with a table, a TV table, a walk-in wardrobe and a sofa bed. In the kitchen there is a kitchen unit with equipment, electric stove, hood, kettle, microwave, refrigerator, radio and a table for 6 people with chairs.

In the bathroom there is a shower, toilet and washbasin. As a separate room, we offer a dryer, where you can especially dry wet clothes in the winter.

Drinking water is provided by public water supply, sewerage is connected to public sewage system. Heating in the facility is provided by gas heating in its own boiler room. Supply of hot water is provided in electric boilers.

The exact technical parameters of the accommodation facilities are presented in the following table:

Ground floor

bedroom 1x2+1                 22,0 m2

               1x2+1                 21,15 m2

kitchen                              13,12 m2

bathroom                            5,70 m2

hall                                     7,56 m2

drying room                        4,48 m2

together:                         74,01 m2


bedroom 1x3                     22,0 m2

               1x3                     20,7 m2

social room                       13,8 m2

kitchen                              13,12 m2

bathroom                           4,80 m2

hall                                     6,21 m2

drying room                       4,48 m2

together:                        85,61 m2

Way of storage and handling of bed linen and frequency of its exchange:

A naturally ventilated wardrobe is located in a clean, clean, separate room. Dirty, used laundry is immediately taken to a laundry in Liptovsky Mikulas.

Exchange of linin:

Changing the laundry, i. bed linen, towels, towels and kitchen towels are always made when guests are changed, at least once every 7 days. Damaged linen is decommissioned and the property is provided with a refund.

Method and frequency of routine cleaning and total cleaning of the accommodation facility:

The cleaning of the premises will be carried out weekly whenever the guests are changed, while the hygienic equipment will be washed and disinfected alternately (1st week of SAVO and 2 weeks of DOMESTOS).

Weekly cleaning range: vacuuming, dusting, changing garbage, ventilation, garbage disposal (PVC containers fitted with PVC pockets for garbage), washing and disinfection of sanitary facilities.

Scope of quarterly cleaning: washing windows, doors, lighting, carpeting, washing curtains and curtains, blankets and mattresses. Self-service during the stay will be self-help. The facility will provide cleaning facilities in each accommodation unit.

Painting accommodation units is as needed, at least once every 2 years.

Method of solid waste removal, frequency of emptying of waste containers, cleaning, disinfection:

According to the valid Waste Act No. 223/2001 Coll., Which regulates the disposal of waste, the sorting of waste is required for 1st glass, 2. PET bottles, 3. cans, VKM tetrapaks, 4. organic waste, 5. other household waste .  Collector waste containers are located in the premises of the accommodation, with the exception of containers for separate waste (glass and paper) are located 200m from the building (on Podtatranského street Liptovsky Mikulas). Classification and disposal of waste during the stay is provided by the guest himself, with the waste storing (spilling) at a predetermined place according to the type of waste. The landlord will ensure that the waste is discharged only when guests change during the cleaning cycle. The frequency of export of the household waste collection container is determined.

The public services of Liptovský Mikuláš. The facility has 2 KUKA communal waste containers and 1 KUKA container for PET bottles that are located at the entrance to the building. Waste baskets in accommodation units are cleaned when exchanged guests are exchanged.

The first aid kit is available to guests in the accommodation facility in the entrance to the building, where there is a list of emergency telephone numbers (emergency medical help, police, firefighters, etc.).

List of detergents and disinfectants:

SAVO                                cleaning of WC

DOMESTOS                     cleaning of WC

CLIN                                 cleaning of mirrors and windows

PRONTO proti prachu      cleaning of wooden furniture

JAR                                  cleaning of dishes

AJAX                                cleaning of the floor

PULIRAPID DOCCIA       cleaning of shower corner

DESINFEKTO SPRAY     desinfection of tiles

The Operational Rules were drafted by:

Ľubica Socháňová

1st July 2016

We offer 2 apartments, one on the ground floor for 4 - 6 people, which is especially suitable for families with children and on the first floor for 6 people.

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